Welcome to build-status homepage !

What is build-status ?

build-status is a notification tool that you may use in addition of continuous integration practices.
build-status is very simple : it shows an entire red or green screen, according to the last action done.
By action, I mean an URL call : /pass or /fail.
So, the idea is to set up that application full page on a dedicated spare screen in your "war room", so all of your fellow coders can see it.

Why should I use build-status ?

Because you want anybody in your team to be aware that the build just broke, so one can fix it as soon as possible !

See it here in action

You may see two links on that previous page, /pass and /fail, that allow you to change the build status for that project and so, the screen color.

To use that application on your project, simply add the parameter 'app_name' to the base URL, as follows : http://build-status.appspot.com/?app_name=yourprojectnamehere


Of course, you won't click manually on /pass and /fail each time your build has passed or crashed !
You will usually add a plugin to your continuous integration system, to call these actions at the end of each build.

TeamCity custom notifier logo If you're using TeamCity, here's a custom notifier which will do that for you.
If you've built a plugin for Hudson, Continuum, CruiseControl or another CI system, contact me so I may refer to your plugin on this page !


Contact me, Grégory PAUL, for any remark, bug or question.
My username is paulgreg, both on gmail and on twitter.

Technical stuff

Valid XHTML 1.1 This application is built using AppEngine with Python, the cloud computing solution from Google. I also take care respecting Web Standard.

You will find that application's source code on github.